Repertoire (numerical sort)

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001-Bridge Over Troubled Water-1feb2016 - Youtube clip brid
002-Top of the World-26may2011 - YT clip topo
003-Taking A Chance On Love-7may2011 - YT clip taki
004-Rock Around The Clock-24jun2011 - Youtube clip rock
005-Speak Softy Love-2Jun2011 - YT clip spek
006-Its DLovely-3jun2011 - YT clip itsd
007-Imagine-27feb2017 - Youtube clip imag
008-Its A Lovely Day Today -2jul2011 - Youtube clip itsa
009-I've Told Every Little Star-3may2011 - Youtube clip ivet
010-Hillside in Scotland-5jul2011 - YT clip hill
011-A_Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square-3may2011 - YT clip anig
012-The Tender Trap-3may2011 - YT clip thet
013-Crazy-3may2011 - YT Clip craz
014-Night And Day-20may2011 - YT clip nigh
015-Gday Gday-14may2011 - Youtube clip gday
016-Ob La Di Ob La Da-11may2011 - Youtube clip obla
017-Any Dream Will Do-9mar2016 - Youtube clip anyd
018-Lollipop-23jul2011 - Youtube clip lolli
019-Sealed With A Kiss-25jul2011 - Youtube clip seal
020-Hello Dolly-28jul2011 - Youtube clip hell
021-What_The_World_Needs_Now-31aug2011 - Youtube clip what
022-Save The Last Dance For Me-04jun2012 - YT clip save
023-Embraceable You-8jul2011 - Youtube clip embr
024-Unchained Melody-19aug2011 - Youtube clip unch
025-Days Of Wine And Roses-19sep2011 - Yutube clip days
026-As_Long_As_I_Have_Music-21jul2011 - Youtube clip aslo
027-Lazy_River-14jul2011 - Youtube clip lazy
028-Georgia_On_My_Mind-18may2011 - Youtube clip geor
029-The Green Door-1jun2011 - Youtube clip theg
030-Matchmaker-23may2011 - YT clip matc
031-I Still Call Australia Home-26may2011 - YT clip isti
032-Jean-18may2011 - YT clip jean
033-Come Fly With Me-4may2011 - YT clip come
034-Besame Mucho-20may2011 - YT clip besa
035-Summertime-2jun2011 - YT clip summ
036-I Am Australian-1jun2011 - Youtube clip iama
037-It's_All_Right_With_Me-18may2011 - YT clip itsa
038-How High The Moon-10jun2011 - Youtube clip howh
039-Rhythm of Life-7may2011 - 2 pages - Youtube clip rhym
040-I'm Begining to see the Light-14may2011 - YT clip imbe
041-Yesterday-16april2011 - YT clip yest
042-As_Time_Goes_By-18may2011 - Youtube clip asti
043-It Don't Mean a Thing-7may2011 - Youtube clip itdo
044-Dream a Little Dream of Me-1jun2011 - YT clip drea
045-Words-23may2011 - YT clip word
046-Hallelujah-22aug2011 - YT clip hall
047-I Dreamed A Dream-20mar2017 - YT clip idre
048-Beyond The Sea-4jun2018 - Youtube clip beyo
049-Waltzing Matilda-9jul2011 - Youtube clip walt
050-Fly Me to the Moon-28may2011 - YT clip flym
051-Oh_What_A_Beautiful_Mornin-7sep2011 - Youtube clip ohwh
052-Girl From Ipanema-29may2012 - YT clip girl
053-For Once In My Life-9mar2016 - Youtube clip foro
054-Sweet Caroline-2jun2011 - YT clip swee
055-Love Me With All Of Your Heart-5jun2017 - YT clip lovm
056-Why We Sing-15may2011 whyw
057-Sunrise Sunset-9jul2011 - Youtube clip sunr
058-Try To Remember-17oct2016 - Youtube clip tryt
059-Danny_Boy-16apr2012 - Youtube clip dann
060-Amazing_Grace-4mar2013 -060-Score - Youtube clip amaz
061-Begin The Beguine-9jun2011 - YouTube clip begi
062-I've Got You under My Skin-3jun2011 - YT clip iveg
063-Looking' Forward Looking' Back-20mau2011 - YT clip look
064-My_Heart_Belongs_To_Daddy-26may2011 - YT clip myhe
065-Chattanooga_Choo_Choo-14jul2011 - YT clip chat
066-You Raise me Up-1jun2011 - YT clip your
067-Shelter-21jul2011 - Youtube clip shel
068-Mr_Sandman-16apr2012 - Youtube clip - 2 pages mrsa
069-What_A_Wonderful_World-10oct2011 - Youtube clip what
070-A_World_Of_Our_Own-07apr2012 - Youtube clip awor
071-Love_Changes_Everything-25aug2011 - Youtube clip lovc
072-I'll Never Say Never Again-15aug2011 - Youtube clip illn
073-In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town-29jan2018 - YT clip inas
074-Memory-15jul2011 - Youtube clip - 074-Memory score new memo
075-And I Love You So-20jul2011 - Youtube clip andi
076-So_Long_As_Music's_In_The_Air-3oct2011 solo
077-As Long As He Needs Me-28jul2011 - Youtube clip aslo
078-Smile-19aug2011 - Youtube clip, Nat King Cole smil
079-Do You Hear The People Sing-17sep2018 - Youtube clip doyu
080-Piano Man-3oct2011 - Youtube clip pian
081-Michelle-12sep2011 - Youtube clip mich
082-We'll_Gather_Lilacs-17sep2011 - Youtube clip well
083-Sabbath Prayer 12mar2012 - You tube clip sabb
084-Let There Be Peace On Earth - score Alto Part lett
084-Let There Be Peace On Earth - score Bass Part lett
084-Let There Be Peace On Earth - score Soprano Part lett
084-Let There Be Peace On Earth - score Tenor Part lett
084-Let There Be Peace On Earth-10oct2011 - Youtube clip lett
085-Arrivederci Roma-17oct2011 - Youtube clip arri
086-Both Sides Now-17oct2011 - Youtube clip both
087-Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodby-14may2011 - YT clip wish
088-The Wonder Of You-7nov2011 - Youtube clip thew
089-The Rainbow Connection-31oct2011 - Youtube clip ther
090-Advance Australia Fair-12jan2012 - YT clip adva
091-Home Among The Gum Trees-14jan2012 - YT clip home
092-I_Will_Wait_For_You-20jan2012 - YT clip iwil
093-Autumn Leaves-20feb2012 - YouTube clip autu
094-Red Sails In The Sunset-10jun2012 - Youtube clip reds
095-I Love Paris-13feb2012 - Youtube clip ilov
096-In Your Easter Bonnet-02apr2012 - Youtube clip inyo
097-Annies Song-21may2018 - Youtube clip ann
098-An_Eriskay_Love_Lilt-18jun2012 - YT clip aner
099-Stardust-1sep2017 - Youtube clip star
100-Good Ol Aussie Song Medley-23jul2012 good
101-The_Impossible_Dream-23jul2012 - Youtube clip thei
102-Love_Is_In_The_Air-17sep2012 - Youtube clip lovei
103-Climb_Every_Mountain-13aug2012 - Youtube clip climb
104-It's_A_Sin_To_Tell_A_Lie-20aug2012 - Youtube clip itsa
105-Lord Bless You And Keep You-27aug2012 - 105-Score lord
106-Time_After_Time-03aug2012 - YT clip time
107-Happy Together-12dec2016 happ
108-Hey_There-05nov2012 - Youtube clip heyt
109-Moon_River-12nov2012 - Youtube clip moon
110-Money_Money_Money-11feb2013 - YT clip mone
111-The_Olive_Tree-18feb2013 - YT clip theo
112-The Birth Of The Blues-21oct2017 - YT clip theb
113-The_Glory_Of_Love-25feb2013 - YT clip theg
114-In_Flanders_Fields-22apr2013 - YT clip Minnesota Honor Choir infl
115-And_All_That_Jazz-15jul2013 - YT clip Lisa Minnelli anda
116-Pennies_From_Heaven-3jun2013 - YT Clip Sarah Vaughan penn
117-Edelweiss-10jun2013 - YT clip edel
118-Love_Is Just_Around_The_Corner-15jul2013 - YT clip Frank Sinatra lovi
119-Isn't_It_Beautiful - 22jul2013 isnt
120-GiGi-12aug2013 - YTclip Billy Eckstine ggi
121-The_Lady_Is_a_Tramp-18nov2013 - YT clip Ella Fitzgerald thel
122-The_Best_Things_In_Life_Are_Free-23sep2013 - YT clip Bing Crosby theb
123-To_Believe-21oct2013 tobe
124-Thank You For The Music-03feb2014 - YT clip ABBA tha
125a-Putting On The Ritz-3bbrfm-6apr2014 putt
125-Putting On The Ritz-14apr2014 - YT clip Ella Fitzgerald - YT Moscow 2012, written by a 83 year old Russian-born American putt
126-A Star Fell From Heaven-17feb2014 - YT clip Joseph Schmidt asta
127-Java Jive-10feb2014 - YT clip Ink Spots java
128-If My Friends Could See Me Now-28apr2014 - UT Clip Cy Coleman ifmy
129-Fascinating Rhythm-23jun2014 - UT clip Ella Fitzgerald fasc
130-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-19may2014 - UT clip Andrews/Van Dyke supe
131-Chim Chim Cher-Ee-2jun2014 - UT clip Andrews/Van Dyke chim
132-Mack The Knife-30jun2014 - UT clip Bobby Darin mack
133-I’m Always Chasing Rainbows-28july2014 - UT clip Judy Garland imal
134-On A Wonderful Day Like Today-13oct2014 - Youtube clip Matt Munro onaw
135-Hey Baby-19jun2017 heyb
136-All I Have To Do Is Dream-1dec2014 - Youtube clip Everly Brothers alli
137-Sentimental Journey-24oct2016 - Youtube clip Dorris Day sent
138-Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella-16feb2015 - 138-Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella-score leta
139-Sway-18apr2016 - 139-Sway-score sway
140-Hit The Road Jack-words-16may2016 - 140-Hit The Road Jack-music - Utube clip Ray Charles hitt
141-Loves Old Sweet Song-22feb2016 - Score - Utube Irish Tennors love
142-Perhaps Love-7sep2015 - Youtube clip with lyrics - 142-Perhaps Love-score perh
143-The Candy Man-14sep2015 - YouTube clip Sammy Davis Jr - 143-The Candy Man-score thec
144-Cabaret-19oct2015 - YouTube clip Liza Minnelli - 144-Cabaret Score cab
145-Everyday-1feb2016 - Score ever
146-Istanbul-21mar2016 - 146-Istanbul-words-Score ista
147-Calypso-29jan2018 caly
148-Beautiful Sunday-22aug2016 beau
149-Crying-29aug2016 - 149-Crying-score cryi
150-Puff The Magic Dragon-26sep2016 puff
151-I Wanna Hold Your Hand-10oct2016 - 151-I Wanna Hold Your Hand-Score iwan
152-Anything Goes-7nov2016 - 152-Anything Goes-Score anyt
153-Sing-27feb2017 -153-Sing-Score - Utube Clip sing
154-Love and Marriage27feb2017 - 154-Love and Marriage-Score - UTube Clip love
155-Singing the Blues-3apr2017 - 155-Singing The Blues-Score - YT clip sing
156-Pushbike Song-1may2017 - 156-The Pushbike Song-Score Here push
157-Tonight-1may2017 - 157-Tonight-Score Here toni
158-Personality-22may2017- Score Here - UTube clip pers
159-As Tears Go By-19jun2017 - Score Here aste
160-The Rose-24jul2017 - Score Here ther
161-Walk Right Back-4sep2017 - Score Here walk
162-Youll Never Walk Alone-19feb2018 - Here are the dots youl
163-There's a Kind of Hush-29jan2018 - 163-There's A Kind Of Hush score ther
164-Here Comes The Sun-5feb2018 - Score here - Utube Clip here
165-The Holy City-19feb2018 - 165 score here theh
166-How You Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm-26feb2018 - 166-Score - Judy Garland vid howy
167-The Darktown Strutters Ball-4jun2018 - 167-Score thed
168-I Only Want To Be With You-1oct2018 - Score ionl
169-Aba Daba Honeymoon-14may2018 - Score abad
170-I Want A Girl-28may2018 - 170-Score iwan
171-Lili Marlene-28may2018 - 171-Score lili
172-Younger Than Springtime-25jun2018 - Score youn
173-Things-16july2018 - Score here thine
174-Hernandos Hideaway-13aug2018 - Score here hern
175-The Prayer-27aug2018 - thep
176-Tweedlee Dee-24sep2018 - Score here twee
177-Its A Long Way To Tipperary-9oct2018 itsa
178-The Carnival is Over-26nov2018 - Score here thec
179-Abide With Me-21jan2019 - Upgaded score with 4 Parts Marked, 3 verses only ! - YouTube Clip abid
180-Oklahoma-4feb2019 - Score here okak
181-Blame It On The Bossa Nova-4mar2019 - Score blam
182-Islands In The Stream-1apr2019 - Score isla
183-Send In The Clowns-29apr2019 - Score send
184-Have I Told You Lately-29apr2019 - Score hav
185-Beauty And The Beast-13may2019 - Score beau
186-Its My Party-27may2019 - Score itsm
187-You Dont Know Me-27may2019 - Score youd
188-Nuns Chorus-17june2019 - Score nuns
189-Moscow-19aug2019 - Score mosc
190-The Last Waltz-1jul2019 - Score thel
191-The Last Farewell-8july2019 - Score thel
192-Green Green Grass of Home-29jul2019 gree
193-Cold Cold Heart-29jul2019 coldc
194-Ben-12aug2019 - Score ben
195-Secret Love-26aug2019 - Score secr
196-The Way We Were-26aug2019 - Score - YouTube clip thew
197-MacNamara's Band-16sep2019- Score macn
198-Alto-Hello Goodbye-30sep2019 hell
198-Hello Goodbye-16sep2019 - Score hell
198-Soprano-Hello Goodbye-30sep2019 hell
198-Tennor-Base Hello Goodbye-30sep2019 hell
199-Cheek To Cheek-28oct2019 - Score chee
200-Do They Know Its Christmas-25nov2019 - Score - UTube clip doth
201-Day-O The Banana Boat Song-3feb2020 - Score - New - Youtube clip dayo
202-Bad Habits-17feb2020 - Score badh
203-The Deadwood Stage-2feb2020 - Score thed
X01-Have_Yourself_A_Merry_Little_Christmas-14nov2011 hav
X02-Its_Begining_To_Look_Like_Christmas-7nov2011 itsb
X03-The_Christmas_Waltz-7nov2011 thec
X04-Santa_Scramble-14nov2011 sant
X05-The_Wonder_of_Christmas_Day-7nov2011 thew
X06-Winter_Wonderland-14nov2011 wint
X07-Blue_Christmas-14nov2011 blue
X08-Lullaby_For_Christmas_Eve-28nov2011 lull
X09-Christmas_Confusion-28nov2011 chri
X10-The_Christmas_Song-28nov2011 thec
X11-Christmas_Bush_For_His Adorning-5dec2011 chri
X12-I_Saw_Mommy_Kissing_Santa_Claus-5dec2011 isa
X13-Mary's_Boy_Child-26nov2012 mary
X14-Christmas_Boogie-05nov2012 chri
X15-Santa_Claus_Is_Coming_To_Town-26nov2012 sant
X16-Go_Tell_It_On_The_Mountain-3dec2012 gote
X17-Away_In_A_Manger-10dec2012 away
X18-Jingle_Bells-10dec2012 jing
X19-Christmas Day-(The North Wind)-21nov2016 chri
X20-Let_It_Snow-2dec2013 leti
X21-We Need A Little Christmas-20jan2014 wene
X22-O Little Town of Bethlehem-17nov2014 olit
X23-Mister Santa-1dec2014 mist
X24-Do You Hear What I Hear-27nov2017 doyu
X25-A Hallelujah Christmas-23nov2015 ahal
X26-Sleigh Ride-13nov2017 sleig
X27-The Gippsland Carol-10dec2018 theg
X28-Jingle Bells-Australias Christmas Party-11dec2017 jing
X29-Silent Night-3dec2018 - Score here sile
X30-Must be Santa - YouTube must
X31-Summer Wonderland-2dec2019 - Score (NB using the score for X06) summ
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