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Updated:- 21 August, 2018
2018 May 6th Amberlea Concert Items Audio
2018 April the 8th Anglican Hall/RSL-Concert Items Audio
2018 Feb 25-Fairview Warragul-Concert Items Audio
2017 15th October Wesley Seniors Week-Concert Audio
2017 27th August PSA-Concert Items Audio
2017 10th September-Lang Lang - Concert Items Audio
2016 14th August-PSA-Concert Items Audio
2015 9th August-PSA-Concert Items Audio
BBS 2014 Men Of Harlech Video-Anglican Hall
BBS 2013 Home Among The Gumtrees Video-Anglican Hall
BBS 2013 Acappella Septet Video Amazing Grace-Anglican Hall
2013 3rd June-Practice Session JohnS-Audio
2012 29th October-Practice Session JohnS-Audio
2012 30th July - Audio
2102 2nd July - Audio
2012 11th June - Audio

060-Amazing Grace - Audio voices (mp3) WIP



094 Red sails in the Sunset WIP

084-Let There Be Peace on Earth - audio voices (mp3)


105-Lord BlessYou and Keep You - audio voices (mp3)