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The Baw Baw Singers Inc. Meet at the Drouin Anglican Church Hall, Princes Way Drouin
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Musical evenings, Mondays, 6:30pm for 7pm start until 9pm+
No singing on Mondays that fall on public holidays
BYO cup -- $6 per night

Membership Join/Renew On-Line Application Form - Fees Due Annually in July - If you have no access to the internet please talk to the Secretary Tim Rothberg - Problems using the form, ring Trevor on - 0499 326 207
Contact the President Fred for Information on - H-03 5625 1689 or M-0419 768 178

Listen to our 3BBR-fm Radio Station Promotion here words re-visited by Elizabeth

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Go to our Repertoire (alpha. sort, see this page showing retired songs)

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The new hot water service in the kitchen needs to be turned on at about 6:30pm
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Elizabeth Willems
our Musical Director/Conductor

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**bbs-program-2018-Feb-26** Problem seeing program, ring Trevor on - 0499 326 207

Libby say's->: Here are the songs for Fairview. (There are two that I'd like to have up our sleeve if we need a bit more music)
166-How You Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm-26feb2018 - 166-Score - Judy Garland vid. New song
165-The Holy City-19feb2018 - 165 score here
162-Youll Never Walk Alone-19feb2018 - Sequencing of verses added
164-Here Comes The Sun-5feb2018 - Score here - New song
147-Calypso-29jan2018 - Minor spelling corrections
163-Theres a Kind of Hush-29jan2018 - Score here - New Song
074-Memory score new - Edited Score, all 4 pages parts colour coded now
073-In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town-29jan2018 - Timing identified
047-I Dreamed A Dream-20mar2017 - Reissued parts marked
079-Do You Hear The People Sing-4dec2017 - Reissued clarification of parts
X24-Do You Hear What I Hear-27nov2017 - Parts Labeling, updated
105-LordBlessYouAndKeepYou-score-20jan2014 - Score edited, now two parts shown coloured
112-The Birth Of The Blues-21oct2017 - Ladies only part marked
162-Youll Never Walk Alone -19feb2018- Here are the dots - New Song
161-Walk Right Back-4sep2017 - Score here - New Song
160-The Rose-24jul2017 - Score here - New Song
159-As Tears Go By-19jun2017 - Score Here - New Song
135-Hey Baby-19jun2017 - Song Lyrics Minor Change
055-Love Me With All Of Your Heart-5jun2017 - Song Lyrics Changed
Event Dates:- for 2018
Baw Baw Singers Ficifolia Festival Open Night, Monday 5th February, 2018
25th February 2018 Fairview Village
12th March 2018 Labour Day – no singing
19th March 2018 St Patrick’s Day Celebration
2nd April 2018 Easter Monday – no singing
6th May 2018 Amberlea Aged Care
9th April – Open Night – Family, Friends and potential new members
11th June Queens Birthday Holiday – no singing
17 th June 2018 Lyrebird Aged Care
2nd July 2018 Open Night – Family, Friends and potential new members
30th July AGM
24th September, 2018 Open Night – Family, Friends and potential new members
10th December 2018 The last singing night for the Year
15th December, 2018 Drouin Carols
21st December, 2018 Neerim South Carols
BBS Administrative Forms - AGM Committee Nomination form - Membership Join/Renew On-Line Application Form - AGM Proxy Voting form
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